Conservatory Roof Repairs & Refurbishments

Conservatory Repairs

APS specialise in conservatory repairs and refurbishment, and it has been our core business for eleven years. Our wealth of experience and expertise enables us to refurbish conservatories of any size or design, and we take on all aspects of repair work.

A conservatory makes a great addition to a property, but they do need to be maintained to prevent them from leaking or causing excessive heat loss during the winter months. Here are a few common problems that APS can fix:

Leaking Roof

Often caused by thermal movement, to be expected when using a combination of metal, plastic and glass, or slipped roof panels. It’s also common for a leak to occur during wet windy periods, as rain is blown into gaps between roof and wall, possibly due to poor flashing or none at all, causing damage to internal décor.


Gaps between panels or window frames will cause drafts, making your conservatory excessively cold during the winter and increasing your heating bill. Sometimes conservatory doors can drop over time, preventing them from closing properly and letting the cold air in. APS can repair or replace windows and doors on conservatories of timber, UPVC or aluminum construction.


Poor ventilation in your conservatory can cause condensation, leading to mold and mildew. This can be remedied with the installation of trickle vents, which will improve airflow and protect against damage caused by mold.


Conservatory Upgrades

APS can improve your conservatory by installing high performance double glazed units, such as the K2 Celsius range. Automatic and manually opening roof vents allow a breath of fresh air into the room or the installation of bi-folding doors to really allow the outdoors in!

We offer many other services relating to conservatory repair and refurbishment. Some of them are listed on our services page, or you can contact us to chat about your requirements. We’re always happy to help!